WSNPCover Sample Applications

All but one of these sample applications are referenced in the text Windows Sockets Network Programming by Bob Quinn, and Dave Shute.

AC_FTP icon AC_FTP.EXE FTP client application (TCP) [download]
AS_Echo icon AS_ECHO.EXE Echo server application (TCP) [download]
UA_Time icon UA_TIME.EXE Daytime client and server application (UDP) [download]
Multitst icon MULTITST.EXE Ping (ICMP) and multicast (UDP) test application [download]
WAL icon WAL.EXE WinSock API exploration and benchmark application [download]
WSASimpl icon WSASIMPL.DLL Sample DLL over WinSock (TCP) [download]
WinSockX icon WINSOCKX.LIB WinSock Reference Library [download]

[download all samples with setup]

We used Microsoft Visual C++ enviroments (versions 1.52 for 16-bit, and version 2.1 for 32-bit) to create most of the makefiles. Unfortunately, because the paths are hard-coded in the file, you will have to bring the project files (.mak) into the respective MS C++ environments to readjust things to the new directory, and even then you will have to manually alter the project to access the library files (the are in the root of the directory where you install the samples).

All samples--including the sample DLL and static library--have a number of other things in common:

The icons used for each sample don't mean much, but they meet the following three criteria:

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