WinSock Development Files

In Appendix D: What You Need, we describe each of the files you need to begin WinSock development, and how to use them. Appendix D refers to the "official" WinSock development files; we supplied some additional (unofficial) files to make up for a few deficiencies in WinSock, and to simplify application development. We describe the WINSOCKX.LIB subroutine library and WSASIMPL.DLL sample DLL over WinSock later in this document, and you can refer to the contents of the WSA_XTRA.H file for more information about its content and purpose.

[Download all WinSock dev files]

WINSOCK.H official WinSock header file (16- and 32-bit)
WINSOCK.HLP official Windows helpfile for WinSock version 1.1
WINSOCK.LIB official 16-bit WinSock import library file
WSOCK32.LIB official 32-bit WinSock import library file

WSA_XTRA.H unofficial header file with stuff that WINSOCK.H missed

WINSOCKX.H unofficial header file for our WinSock subroutine library
WINSOCKX.LIB unofficial 16-bit version of subroutine library
WSOCK32X.LIB unofficial 32-bit version of subroutine library

WSASIMPL.LIB import library for simple 16-bit dll sample
WSASMP32.LIB import library for simple 32-bit dll sample

WinSock version 1.1 specification

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